Sunday, September 09, 2007

37 Things to Do in the Year of Laurie

1. Age gracefully - I did this by covering the grays and hopefully will keep them covered. Also, I'm not worried about aging, so that in and of itself should qualify as "aging gracefully".

2. Quit smoking. I know I need to stop and I know it would be healthier for me if I did. It's hard, but a lot of things in life are hard. I plan to slow down some at first, then quit eventually this year.

3. Learn to master the art of silence. - I'm working on this. Trying not to talk so much just to hear myself speak and when I do speak, trying not to be a potty mouth.

4. Ride in a horse-drawn carriage in New Orleans .

5. Read through the Bible. I did this! I am so excited that God has given me the endurance and perseverance needed to do this. He has given me the love of reading and it's truly a gift to be able to read, so why not honor Him and read His Word? I am on my second round of doing this and am now in Nehemiah.

6. Stay overnight at a Bed & Breakfast Inn.

7. Read "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "War and Peace".

8. Check my voice mail every time I see the light on – and keep my cell phone charged. - I'm keeping my cell phone charged and with Milo 's continued encouragement, I'm doing better with the voice mail.

9. Do one Random Act of Kindness every day. - I do this.

10. Go to movies more often. - I haven't done this. I do watch movies at home, though.

11. Get an anti-aging facial. - I did this at Tunica at the spa and loved it.

12. Send a message in a bottle.

13. Visit Square Books in Oxford , MS .

14. Be more outgoing. - I am working on this! I went to a NYE party at Harriett's and was pretty outgoing. I am making more of an effort at not being so introverted.

15. Paint the back porch swing by myself.

16. Fly. Okay – at least take a train.

17. Watch all 10 seasons of "Friends."

18. Choose a "life verse" from the Bible. Memorize it and remember it in all situations.

19. Have better posture. - I practice this when I walk and when I sit. It's working!

20. Overcome my fear of elephants. - not doing very well on this. People get trampled by these evil creatures. Did you know that in Keonjhar that there are villagers living in caves because they are frightened by elephants who are destroying their huts? True.

21. Have more self confidence and be comfortable being me - let the Real Laurie shine through! - I am doing this! Yay, Laurie! I'm more positive and less negative about myself.

22. Watch more tv. - I'm doing this. I put this on my list because I tend to read more than watch tv. Now I'm watching more tv. Lifetime movies rock, as does CSI, Everybody Loves Raymond and TBN on Wednesday nights..

23. Read every book on my bookshelf and take the ones I can bear to part with, after reading them, of course, to Gateway.

24. Take an online class – something for enrichment and fun.

25. Visit Graceland - Steve and I did this! It was so fun.

26. Eat healthier.

27. Visit the D-Day Museum in New Orleans , LA.

28. Lose more weight.

29. Keep a list of all books I read throughout the year.

30. Write in my blog more often - at least twice a week. - I do this!

31. Go on a road trip alone - just for the weekend.. Leave Friday and back Sunday p.m.

32. Read the newspaper at least once a week. Sundays would be probably be best. - I haven't
done this but plan to start.

33. Be a better wife. - I hope I'm doing this!

34. Spend more time in prayer daily. I pray at night but need to continue my walk in prayer with God throughout the day.

35. Send one card a week to someone just to let them know I'm thinking of them. - I haven't
done this yet but I am going to. I'm going to go tomorrow to get a box of cards.

36. Do more crossword puzzles.

37. Work in some kind of homeless shelter or women's shelter for a weekend or three.
Community service, in other words. I have never done anything like that as an adult and I think
I'd find it rewarding.

So........there it is. Wish me luck and pray for me!