Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Joys of My Day

1. Questioned whether the advertising executive who thought up the bear butt's for the Charmin commericial ever got fired. Bring back Mr. Whipple!

2. Researched and found out that the "f" word or variations thereof were used 189 times in the movie "Monster" - the Aileen Wournos story.

3. Witnessed my former high school typing and history teacher, who was later to be my co-worker, at The Mellow Mushroom, chugging beer.

4. Answered 84,000 the question, "Great to see you back! Where have you been?" to everyone who asked me why I was out from work for the last week and a half. The story kept getting shorter and shorter and now the response is ultimately, "I was on sick leave, some kind of rash."

5. Decided to boycott Oprah. I hate Tom Cruise and she should have never had him on her show. Yeah, I've been ruminating on it *that* long!

6. Patiently allowed my husband to say, "Dipluma" (rather than di-ploam-uh) without correcting him once. Sometimes they just need to be allowed to speak freely, ya know?

7. Tried to open my office window so I could step out on the ledge for a smoke break but realized it was for my own good that I couldn't go out there as I was so mad at a lady I explained the travel policies to so clearly that 4 year old would have understood and would have probably fallen over the edge from shaking - yes, I was that frazzled!

8. Thought about how much fun Lynda and I had at Bubba and Gerald's when I visited her in Austin. Those were the days!!!!!!!!!!!

9. Realized that Dick Clark is finally beginning to show his age. This made me sad. :-(

10. Saw these big M&M's and thought, "I hope they still have them when I'm in the mood for chocolate." It will be my luck that they don't, but giant M&M's? What more could a girl want?