Friday, August 12, 2005

::::::: As a fellow sufferer I can tell you that I understand what you are saying here. It has nothing to do with being stronger. We are as strong in the Lord as we can be when we put all our efforts and faith and hope into Him. We trust Him. We love Him. We know He wants the best for us and is able to do anything.

We can use words and prayers to fight depression, but when the huge waves start coming in due to something beyond our capacity to control (chemical imbalances, medicine getting off track, etc.) we find that we have to just pray what we can pray and trust God to help us do what we can to get through it.

Perhaps depression is our "thorn in the flesh" (2 Co 12:7-10). If so, then it's not going anywhere. It's there and although it can be brought under control it spirals sometimes. It just does. We have to rely on Jesus to intercede for us when we cannot do it ourselves. In the middle of the storm we have to call on God but row away from the rocks in the best way that we are able. He steps in when we are unable and carries us through those times.

The important thing that I think we all know about depression is that there are different types. I tend to group them into:

Sand and Gravel - circumstantial - caused by things like pms, Satan attacking, emotional issues, things that can get better with time and prayer and go away


Concrete - God's got the only jackhammer big enough to bust it up from our chemically imbalanced bodies

Both are real forms of depression and are equal as far as the severity it can cause the courses of our emotions and lives to take, but there are just times that sand and gravel can be swept up easier than concrete busting.