Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Only a Sunday God?

In a topic that had more to do with maternity clothes than wearing pants to church on Sunday I blog:

Aquaintance "does not approve of" women wearing pants to church on Sunday. There's food for thought. I had always been brought up in churches where you wore dresses Sunday morning and more casual clothes, pants or even jeans, on Sunday nights and Wednesday nights. At a church we visited recently on a Sunday morning I saw the women my age dressed in pants. Other women who were older than I wore pants also. I was surprised but not offended or put off. I just thought, "Cool, the times, they are a'changin'." I asked a friend the next day (whose church we are going to visit next weekend) if members of her church (much bigger church, same demonination) wore pants. She said, "That's all I wear. In fact, I wear to church what I wear to work." I'm thinking, "This is good!" I love wearing nice pant suits and it would certainly add variety to my church wardrobe to be able to wear them.

So anyway, I'm in the bathroom just a minute ago and the snippet of what my aquaintance "does not approve of" popped in my mind.

I think my aquaintance is perfectly entitled to wear what she wants to church. She wasn't judging anyone but her pregnant daughter who could only fit into pants at the time and she didn't approve of her wearing them to church but I don't think WWIII broke out over it.

So I'm washing my hands in the bathroom, looking at my pretty butterfly dress in the mirror (it is beautiful if I do say so myself) and my thought was, "Is God only a Sunday morning God?" If it stands to reason that we must wear dresses to church on Sunday (morning's especially) as a dress code out of respect to God, would it not also stand to reason that since God is always with us we should always wear dresses? Things that make me go hmmmm.......

+++God, I will worship You any time, any place. You are with me when I'm in my pj's in the morning, when I'm in dresses at work, in jeans afterwards or shorts on the weekends. Thank You for telling us not to worry about the clothes we wear. In Christ's Name. Amen.+++