Monday, March 09, 2009

Sushi Shocker
Say that 3 times in a row fast. LOL. Must be the time change. I'm giddy. Overexposure to sunlight coming home from work, I guess. (It was funny to me.)
Moving right along......
Momma and I haven't gone out to eat and chat since Christmas. I've been busy with work, grandkids, being sick, etc. Momma has been busy with work, her new grandson, etc. Finally, tonight, we are going.
When I called her a few minutes ago and asked if tonight was good (we're spur of the moment ike that), she said it was. I asked, "Momma, would you like to try sushi tonight?"
Here's the shocker.
She said, "I'd love to!"
And she sounds like she means it! I expected her to kind of gag at the thought of it. I had talked to her a while back about it and explained that it wasn't all raw, how it was wrapped, etc., and she said it sounded good. I just didn't expect her to follow through!
Um, now I have to get her used to chopsticks.
Now I just shocked myself with that thought. She'll probably be better at it than I am. Oh how fun this is going to be!!!
I'll post an update later. I just wanted to share.
Note: if your Momma is still living, why not give her a call and invite her to supper if she lives nearby, trying something new. If sushi's not your thing, you can't go wrong with Cracker Barrel's country cookin'. If you don't have a Cracker Barrel nearby, hmmm......just call to tell her you love her and you're thinking of her. She'll love it.


Denise said...

Amen, spending time with your momma is a gift. Wish mine were here, so I could take her out to eat. Enjoy your time tonight with your mom. I love you.

Mary Moss said...

Enjoy your dinner together! Can't wait to hear how it goes:-)

He And Me + 3 said...

Laurie Ann,

That is awesome to spend some quality time with your mom. We go get Pedicures it, so relaxing great quality time together.