Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day 1 List at Revive Our Hearts

Pray that your husband will grow spiritually and consider his accountability before the Lord. Pray that he will guard his heart by developing spiritual disciplines—Bible reading and study, prayer, meditation, scripture memorization, etc. (2 Pet. 3:18; Prov. 4:23)

Father, I pray that Steve would grow spiritually and consider his accountability before You. I pray that as he reads his Bible, studies and prays through Your Word that You would guard His heart, the wellspring of life, and that you would help him to grow in the grace and knowledge of You, his Savior and Lord. May You be glorified in Steve, Father.


blesssed2bhome said...

Thanks, Laurie Ann for joining me and for spreading the word. I'm glad you found my blog.

Laurie Ann said...

I found you on Sunflower Faith's blog - so glad you're doing this...it's going to be wonderful to do for my husband...