Monday, May 05, 2008

Love for others is so essential to our lives as Christians and makes such a difference in our prayers to God. I love to read God's Word. There is a saying that "We are the only Bible some people read." Without love we are not showing them a true picture of what God's Word is. Forgiveness is key, too. It goes hand in hand with love and Joseph was such a role model of that. Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery in the land of Egypt. He prospered there but due to a devious woman, he was wrongfully imprisoned. He prospered in prison, yet when he showed kindness to one of Pharaoh's officials, this official didn't remember it until later - much later. Yet when he was needed to interpret the King of Egypt's dream, he showed God's love. He didn't have to warn of the upcoming famine and could have hoarded for himself, but I fully believe his heart of giving made all the difference in the world.