Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tuesday's Tip Jar from http://blogmommas.com/

It's summer, time for road trips for camping, vacation, etc., that is, if you can afford the gas!

Everyone hates those pesky bugs that get on the grills and bug guards of the cars and trucks. To make it easier to wash off, spray some PAM or another cooking spray on. It won't damage the paint and it makes clean-up quicker and easier.


Rebecca said...

No kidding!?!

This is an AWESOME tip! I MUST tell my hubby!!! We have such a hard time when washing his car getting all the gunk off.

Thanks for the tip!

Melly said...

THAT is an awesome tip! I am going to share it with my hubby and son. Thanks for sharing!

Burg said...

Brilliant tip! I knew that stuff had to be good for something, because it sure doesn't keep me from burning pancakes!