Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thirteen things I still have time to do in the "Year of Laurie"

1. Quit smoking. I know I need to stop and I know it would be healthier for me if I did. It's hard, but a lot of things in life are hard. I plan to slow down some at first, then quit eventually this year.

2. Learn to master the art of silence. - I'm working on this. Trying not to talk so much just to hear myself speak and when I do speak, trying to make sure I represent God well.

3. Ride in a horse-drawn carriage in New Orleans.

4. Read "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "War and Peace".

5. Send a message in a bottle.

6. Visit Square Books in Oxford , MS.

7. Paint the back porch swing by myself.

8. Overcome my fear of elephants. - not doing very well on this. People get trampled by these evil creatures. Did you know that in Keonjhar that there are villagers living in caves because they are frightened by elephants who are destroying their huts? True.

9. Read every book on my bookshelf.

10. Take an online class – something for enrichment and fun.

11. Eat healthier.

12. Visit the D-Day Museum in New Orleans , LA.

13. Lose more weight.