Friday, May 01, 2009

Praise and Prayer for Jimmy
My uncle made it through the surgery fine. They removed a lymph node from his neck and think there are enough cells to till. These could be used for future treatement against the malignant melanoma. He hasn't had to have any pain meds and has been up walking since they haven't started treatment yet. He will begin biochemo tomorrow.
Thank you so much for your prayers for him and for Susan. They are feeling them and will definitely need more. I've done a little reading on the treatment and as with any treatment, it's not pleasant to say the least.
I'll also keep you informed here as I can.
Thanks so much for your prayers!
Jimmy is a wonderful man of strong determination and faith and courage as I outlined in my Thankful Thursday post.
Join me in praising God that he's doing so well and finally made it to a room by 4:00 this afternoon.
The Grands
We are keeping the Grands tonight. Nolan and Liam went to the zoo today with their Momma and Daddy. They were two tired boys when they got here but after some rest they recovered and were at full speed ahead. They are 19 months and 7 months old respectively. Nolie loves to snuggle with his Nonnie and it's really a joy to cuddle with him. Liam is happy playing "round and round and get him right there!" He follows my finger and prepares for the tickle, giggling when I goose his neck. Both boys love their Paw Paw something fierce. It's just too cute to see Nolie walking down the hall after his Paw Paw and watching Fish grin when Steve does something funny is hilarious. Steve bathed both boys tonight because my knee is bad. He did a fantastic job. Nolie was bathed in the tub and I helped with Liam in the kitchen sink. He's slippery as a little eel!
I am blessed not to have been a biological mother and yet have the joy of seeing grandchildren grow from the womb until now. Babies are so fun! I was nearly 13 when Jenn Jenn, my sister, was born, and I remember alot of fun with her, but she was someone else's responsibility, ya know? She was like a doll that came to life that I could play with but hand off to Momma or Daddy when she needed major things done. With Nolie and Liam so dependent on me and not having Momma around (oh, she'd come really fast if I called her!) it's, well, humbling and a joy. I do get tired sometimes, but the joy outweighs the trials. We got them to bed, I refilled a prescription on line and now I'm ready to sack out.
I think I'll be keeping Liam again next weekend as the kids move from an apartment into their first home.


Denise said...

Prayers continue for your dear uncle Jimmy. I know you will enjoy your weekend, those grands will keep you happy and busy. I love you.

Darlene said...

I know you will have a fun time playing with the grands! I so enjoy my neices when they come over. I actually went tonight to one of their games and bases loaded and she hit a homerun... I was so excited jumping up and down yelling for her to run! It was a joy to watch her!
Have a fun weekend!

Saleslady371 said...

I was interested in hearing about Jimmy because I have been praying for him and his family. Thanks!

You are such a neat grandma and I think it's wonderful that your husband takes such an active role with the boys. Your home must be a great place for the kids to visit!

Mary Moss said...

So glad to receive a positive prayer report. I will continue my prayers.

What a pure joy that you had the little ones to love on:-)

He And Me + 3 said...

So glad to hear the news...that is good.
What a sweet time with your grandbabies. My kids used to love baths in the sink...they are too big now, but they would still love to try.:)

LauraLee Shaw said...

I will pray for Jimmy, Laurie Ann. Sorry to hear about this.

Melinda said...

Jimmy is in our prayers!

Please change your link to my blog, my new URL is now:

Come on by to read the saga of why when you have time : )

Pia said...

Father, i lift up to you jimmy. i pray for your healing touch and for his fast and complete recovery. thank you, Lord, that you are in control. thank you also for hearing and answering our prayers. in Jesus' name, amen.

shopannies said...

prayers for your uncle as we have had cance rampent in our family