Monday, May 11, 2009

We Turned 18 Together Today
Steve and I are celebrating our 18th anniversary today. It hardly seems like it's been so many years since the day we said our vows. I love him more than I did back then and probably slightly less than I will tomorrow. My love for him continues to grow. He is a wonderful man!
We were talking on our way back from our overnight get-a-way about how yesterday we were leaving on our trip for our honeymoon with a crying 6 year old girl who didn't understand why she couldn't go with us and now we have grandchildren. My, how time has flown!
Laurie Ann's Secrets to a Long and Happy Marriage
  • Let the man be the man.
  • Healthy communication is a must.
  • Don't go to bed angry or even argue in your bedroom. Let it be a place of peace.
  • Don't run at the first sign of trouble.
  • Agree to disagree sometimes. You don't have to win every disagreement.
  • Pray pray pray for your spouse.
  • Don't share your marital woes with family and expect them to see your spouse and bonus child the same way again. Blood does seem to be thicker than water and objectivity is hard to maintain. If you are in the throws of serious woes find a counselor!
  • Kiss and hug at least once a day, preferably more than that!
  • Never part ways without saying, "Good-bye" and "I love you."
What are some tips you can add to that? I'm always looking for ways to improve on what seems to be the best of marriages right now!


Melanie said...

Happy Anniversary!

The Real Me! said...

Happy Anniversary my sweet friend. Yeah!!! And good advice!!
Now I'm going to do some begging, I'm losing the Funniest Blog award LOL. I need votes! LOL. I now realize just how competitive I am. Hee! Hee! I've resorted to begging!
But only do it if you have a moment and of course you think I have the funniest blog!
Wow that was a really long comment and most of it was about me.
Still love me? LOL.
Hugs my sweet friend.

Saleslady371 said...

Happy Anniversary to you two! You shared such good advice, I just know your love is a great testimony to this crazy world.

Joyfull said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the secrets to a long and happy marriage. The one I have to keep in mind is to think of the other person's feelings first. Preferrably before speaking or acting! Wishing you many more happy years!

Denise said...

Happy Anniversary my dear friend, love you.

Alleluiabelle said...

Happy Anniversary Dear Sweet Friend! Eighteen years, how wonderful is that? A get-away, oh that's sound like a special time together.

All of your secrets to a happy marriage hold strong and true to the heart.

I have a few...

Have compassion for one another's hurts and uplift each other(I guess this would fall under praying for each other).

Complement each other often instead of criticizing.

Praise each other for accomplishments no matter how small they may seem to you. To the other, it may feel a whole lot bigger.

Be on the same page when disciplining the children. That prevents confusion on the child's part and doesn't put the parents in a state of defending their own positions, therefore making each other happy and not at each other's throats.

Be thankful to one another just for who they are recognizing that we all have our faults and are not perfect, and reflecting on all of the good qualities versus the opposite.

Excellent thoughts. You bless me so much.

I love you dear friend,

Samantha said...

Lovely post, Happy Anniversary !
Blessings to you dear friend.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Happy Anniversary yall

I love your first one, let your man be the man. AMEN SISTER.