Saturday, June 14, 2008

Caught Between Rock and Sand

You can't take yourself out the world you live in and you can't isolate yourself in a plastic bubble, but you feel in your heart that you do have the responsiblity to make an effort to live in a manner that's pleasing to God.

How far do you go in removing the things of the world without being a "fanatic"?

Have you ended friendships that have been toxic? Have you changed your television or movie viewing habits? Made changes in what you read? How do you maintain contact with the world without being "of the world"?

What's the key to balancing it out? How do you explain changes you've made in your life to others who notice it and comment on it?


Kelsey said...

I have removed certain blogs. I realized when I read them I wasnt thinking the right thoughts and they made me well not happy. When I removed them my mood changed and I felt better.