Friday, January 23, 2009


I began my day this morning with prayer and Bible reading in my home. On the way to work I listened to Christian radio. I worked on two devotions with Bible-based themes to post later. I emailed with friends who share my faith and Christ was discussed. I visited blog after blog where God is clearly glorified. Throughout the day I paused in prayer. Off and on I read in public The Power of Simple Prayer by Joyce Meyer. I have a Bible in plain site on a table in my office at work. On the way home I talked with Steve about a prayer need.
Oh, the freedoms I took for granted today! Earlier this evening I was headed to McAlister's and happened to catch the news on AFR.

In a little country of about 5 million people, 3,000 people are imprisoned for their Christian faith. Two people lost their lives as a result of torture and complications of illness. This just breaks my heart! I was so moved at the thought of people being willing to die for their faith, just like those written about in the Bible, that I had to pause and pray.

I prayed for the their strength and comfort and that God would bring to their minds Bible verses and hymns to help them in their hour of need. I prayed that they would know that their deaths were not in vain and that the very people torturing them would be brought to Christ. I prayed that they would not feel death's blow but would be ushered quickly into the Presence of the Almighty God. I prayed that He would protect them and keep more from being found out until more could be brought to a saving knowledge of God. Ya'll, my heart just broke! It's not like torture stories are new to me. I feel that Holy Spirit is saying, "Laurie Ann, put the news out. People are dying for Me. Ask your friends to pray for them, particularly the ones in this country called Eritrea. And, are you willing?"

I am. I enjoy the freedom I have right now and pray it is never taken from me, but I would give my life before I would ever deny Christ.

Please read the article below and pray as you are so moved.

Imprisoned believers die in Eritrea

Allie Martin - OneNewsNow - 1/23/2009 5:40:00 AM

Two more Christians have died for their faith while imprisoned in Eritrea.

This month, two Christians died while being held in government-run prisons. Reports say one of the believers died as a result of ongoing physical torture and complications from an illness. Jerry Dykstra with
Open Doors USA says there are approximately 3,000 Christians being held in Eritrea simply because of their faith in Christ. "It just seems unfathomable that this little country of about five million people located between Sudan and Ethiopia on the Red Sea, really targets Christians," he contends. "And they've been on our World Watch List with Open Doors, and they're also on the 'Countries of Particular Concern' list issued by the U.S. government." In 2002, Eritrea's government began a systematic crackdown on Christian activities, churches, and ministries.


In obedience to the prompting of the Holy Spirit,



Barb said...

It's easy for us to forget the freedom we have to worship and those whom are put to death for being a christian....Barb

Magnolia Memories08 said...

Laurie Ann truly your blog has touched me tonight in such a beautiful way. I am so lucky to have ended up here.No matter what horriable things people have to go through to love Jesus they never give up on knowing how wonderful he really is.The love that he has for each and everyone of us.You are certainly an Inspiration.
Have a great wekend.

Peggy said...
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LAURIE said...

Laurie Ann,
How we take for granted the freedoms that we have. Have you ever read the book FOXES BOOK OF MARTYRS? It is a book that my husband talks about all of the time. The lifes and deaths of those who have given their lives for the cause of Christ. Thanks for having such a sensitive heart - love, Laurie

Denise said...

This really touched my heart sweetie, love you.

Jennifer said...

Dear them! I can't imagine what they are going through and I pray that I never do. We take foregranted our freedom to go to church, pray, worship and read our Bibles freely...I know, I do.

I just prayed for them and will continue to join you in prayer for these precious people who choose to DIE RATHER THAN DENY!

Thank you for sharing have touched me tonight.


Peggy said...

Bless you Laurie Ann...How precious are the saints(Sound familiar?) who pray for others especially those being persecuted for Christ's sake; for believing in Christ unto death! I am beyond being touched…I'm moved by you!

I'm broken & from deep inner tears & heartbreak, I sob & pray(if I can see the keys)

Heavenly Father...Almighty LORD,
I join my sister Laurie Ann in praying for the Christians being persecuted worldwide but especially right now in Eritrea! These precious 3,000 brothers & sisters need Your Divine intervention. Give them strength, comfort & some relief during this heavy time. Be present with them. Help them recall verses, hymns, and songs just as Paul when he was imprisoned, let them shout a praise that brings down these walls! Be a constant source to each one in their hour of need. I stand together and pray with Laurie Ann that not one of their deaths would be in vain, that even their torturers, the government, any official would come to the saving knowledge of Christ.
I so agree with her in each concern thought and broken heart. Even that upon their eminent death, they would be brought quickly into Your Presence as painlessly as possible. Bring them peace!

Protect each and every one! We call upon You Father and Your authority to set these captives free in the Name of Jesus. Take hold, siege the government! Make their hardened hearts let go of these people for their purpose is not Your plan. Your Word says that You have plans for us, plans that will not bring us to harm. So keep these people who have been imprisoned for their faith, free from this harm & these injustices and sufferings. This crackdown against Christians must stop by the power of Your Victory on the cross...thank You that these saints will be rewarded eternally.

Thank You Lord, for our freedom in You. May You keep us ever aware of those not as fortunate. Build character and strength in us to be able to stand like them in our last hour. May it never come to this but if it does give me the strength! I never want to deny You Christ as Peter but show me how to be strong! I love You Lord...and so do these precious souls! Holy Spirit enter in their midst, encourage them, and give them courage to hold on through the FIRE! Hold them!

Continue to raise up prayer warriors in churches & ministries like OPEN DOOR, VOM, Persecuted Church, Worldwide Prayer Watches that keep us aware & prompt us to bind together and combat against the enemy. Standing together against this Christian persecution taking place. We give You all Glory, Honor & Praise, Thanking You for Your Almighty Protection & Way of escape even if it's from this earthly home into the next...bless them & help them endure in Jesus' precious name

Vikki Wright said...

Thank you, Laurie Ann, for hearing His voice and crying out on behalf of the persecuted. It's so easy to hear of these things and just shrug, but you turned it into an opportunity to connect with the Father's heart. He would never shrug on knowing the situation His children are in. Be blessed as He continues to speak through you!

Debra said...

Laurie Ann,

Thank you for your obedience! We subscribe to the Voice of the Martyrs and we are writing to some persecuted Christians right now in Eritrea. We have their pictures placed on our refrigerator and before we open it..we pray for them.

We have written letters asking for their release from prison.

Thank you, Holy Spirit for this prompting in my friend and thank you to everyone praying for our brothers and sisters!

((hugs)) to you!

Marsha said...

Bless you, Laurie Anne for your obedience to Him in bringing awareness to others about persecution. It's an ongoing, everyday occurance around the world. We as Americans become desensitized to this because we don't live in this kind of fear. Those days may be changing for us in our life time.

Thank you for raising awareness. I will continue to pray.

Jnette said...

I'm glad you posted this. All saints should pray for the persecuted church daily, thanks for the reminder.