Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Awards Day
I am so blessed!
Jill, from Forever 'n Ever 'n Always, has gifted me with the following award.

Please visit her blog by clicking on the award above to learn more about this lovely award and to pick one up for yourself. I think she's just the sweetest thing ever for doing this. It's precious and means the world to me.


Esthermay Bently from The Heart of a Pastor's Wife has given me another award.

She had this to say about the award, "...the idea behind the Brillante Weblog Award is to honor blogs that provide quality content on a consistent basis; and increase their readership and following by using the always well-received "link". Is that not the sweetest? Thank you, Esthermay. I am honored, encouraged, humbled and inspired!

(There are actual rules that go with this award, but I didn't follow them. I can't pick just 7!) You can read the actual rules on Esthermay's blog here:

Because I don't want to leave anyone out, here's what I'd like for you to do.

Comment with your favorite Christian website(s) a favorite Psalms or Proverb.
Pick up your award and pass it on.

God bless you!



Denise said...

Congrats on your awards sweetie. My favorite christian websites are christian women online, and the internet cafe. My favorite Psalm is the 23rd. I love you.